Need a Babysitter?


From one mom to another….   girl…   you could use a night out.

“But I don’t have anyone to watch the kids!”

“My in-laws are out of town, so I don’t have a sitter”

“I don’t trust anyone with my kids”

“Our last babysitter spent the whole night texting while my kids watched a movie”

“I just can’t find a good babysitter”

“We’re trying to save money, so we can’t afford a sitter or a night out”


Sound familiar???


Allow me to change your life a little.   I totally get not wanting to pay for a sitter when you have parents, in-laws or family near by that can help you out.   I too enjoy that luxury.   But sometimes what I know is a great gift and luxury, can be kind of a pain.   Take last weekend when we had my in laws over to watch our 3 rug rats.   We had planned to go to a going away party for a neighbor, and knowing this particular group of people, it was sure to be a rowdy, crazy and fun night.   Which also = late night out.   We had planned to go eat first and then go over to the party.   As we are kissing the kids goodbye, my father in law mentions they are going to the 8:00am church service in the morning.   That is code for, “we are getting up early, so we are not planning to stay here late tonight”.   Que the “wa wa wa” music (sounds a lot light a deflating balloon).   So much for our (much needed) late night out.   We head out to dinner and its 9pm by the time we are done.   We realize, the in-laws are probably hoping to have us home by 10, so they can be home by 10:30 or 11 (a VERY late night for them).   While that gives us an hour, knowing our neighbors, as soon as we get there they are going to whisk us into the party and there is no way we are going to be able to snake out in under an hour.

So what did we do?

Yes thats right, we drove home, turned on Saturday Night Live, and were both asleep on the couch by 10:35.

Lame?  Yes.

Uncommon?   I’m thinking this is a regular occurrence at most of your houses.

As we were driving home I said to my husband, you know, as much as I love free babysitting, sometimes I’d love an actual night out more.  The kind of night where you pretend you are 25 again, and don’t have a care in the world (gasp, we are mature, responsible parents – we are beyond that, aren’t we?)


So the next day I called up a friend to ask if she had anyone to recommend and she pointed me in one direction – (no, she wasn’t being rude, she had an awesome nanny she found on Sittercity, but she had just graduated and was moving to Texas).  She said she’d found all her best sitters there – and GOOD ones.   Not the high school type who sits on the couch texting while the kids kill each other, but people that have degrees in early childhood education, teaching backgrounds, people that actually enjoy spending time with children – even yours and mine!!

So I checked out the site, and it was pretty awesome.   You can search by area, by qualification, price range, you can even see their smiling faces on their profiles – not that I recommend choosing someone based on looks, we all know how that can go.

The only hiccup I ran into was the cost.   While I fully appreciated how amazing this service was, connecting me to all these people who could care for my kids while allowing me some “me” time, but it cost money to join.

Then I found something awesome…

Sittercity Promo Codes!!

Seriously, check it out.   You will never be sorry for doing something for yourself, and your own sanity.  Choosing yourself every once in a blue moon is healthy.  Just do it, you won’t regret it.